• Gagendor Caving Club

    A Caving Club for Cavers, Adventurers and Friends

    Gagendor is a South Wales based caving club made up of around 30 members, many of which live and work in the South Wales area in the adventure activity industry.
    Formed to serve those who love the sport of caving but were unable to attend regular club meets and other club events its main draw as a club is the fact that our members are active, often highly qualified and passionate about caving and underground adventure.
    Members can benefit from a getting involved in trips and meets at their leisure and also access to a comprehensive and well maintained stores of equipment, tackle and information.
  • Club News, Information and How to Join...

    Here you will find up to date and useful information about whats been going on in the club and and how you can get involved with trips, events and club activities. 

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    Club Meets

    The club is offers 2 social weekends each year based in other areas. These are held the last weekend in April and November.


    Please contact the secretary if you are interested in suggesting a location / trip for the social meet.


    Members often arrange informal trips and meets using either the Facebook page or through their own communication.


    If you want to put on a trip / meet then please get in touch so we can advertise this to the members.


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    The AGM

    Our 2023 AGM was held on the 22nd of November.


    You can download the minutes here.


    Our 2024 AGM will now be held on the 27th November Details TBC


    A full document store of AGM minutes can be found on our Facebook page


    Club Constitution


    Tom Partridge (Secretary)

    Andi Parker Smith (Treasurer)

    Dan Thorne (Tackle Master)

    Lisa Boore (Ordinary Member) sharing responsibility for the management of club tackle / kit

    Rich Hill (Ordinary Member)

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    Want to Join?

    If you are interested in joining Gagendor Caving Club then Ideally you will have attended some caving trips run by club members so that you can choose 2 members who are willing to act as your referee.


    Once you are in this position you will need to email the Club Secretary with the names of your 2 referees. They will then complete a short application form on your behalf and an outcome will be communicated to you.


    The next step will be to post the gathered info to the current committee who will then make the final decision on membership.


    Once you are in the position to apply for your membership then you will need to follow the steps outlined in the Membership Store section, in addition, please take note that applications are processed on a quarterly basis and the dates are clearly outlined to you. 


    Here you will find our online membership details process and the payment portal so that you can pay for membership online, WITH EASE!

    New members must first complete the 2024 Members Details Form: Click Here

    Membership is processed with the BCA on a quarterly basis. Therefore, we require the form to be complete and payment made by the following dates so they can be submitted to the BCA on a quarterly basis:

    q1 / Renewal Forms and Payment submitted by 15th December for 31st December Processing

    q2 Forms and Payment submitted by 15th March for 31st March Processing

    q3 Forms and Payment submitted by 15th June for 30th June Processing

    q4 Forms and Payment submitted by 15th September for 30th September Processing

  • Social Meet, Club Caving and Event Calendar

    Here members can find out when planned club trips, meets, social events and more are being planned.

  • Tackle and equipment Information

    Gagendor has a good selection of equipment and gear available for use by members. Dan Thorne is the Tackle Master and Stores are located in the Crickhowell Area. This is also where you can access keys for the gated caves of South Wales.

    In addition to the tackle and hardware the club has a range of surveys and cave topo's. These are filed in the store room. Please email the tackle master if you want to check up on whether the club has a survey or not....there is still a job waiting to catalogue the surveys ;)

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    Click here to log into Papertrail to see our full live Inventory

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    Click here to log into Papertrail to see our key list

  • Trip Reports and Blog Posts

    Find out what we have been getting up to under (and over) ground

    Having fun whilst checking our kit Trawling through endless krabs and metres of rope may not be...
    Attendees: Andy Lewington, Dan Thorne, Lisa Boore, Simon Neenan and Emyr Rees Starting from the...
    Saturday Report by Simon Neenan Sat 21st -Gapping Gill, Wades and Dihedral Following a dry...
  • Get in touch

    To contact the Gagendor Caving Club Secretary please use one of the following

  • Useful Links

    Some places to check out for more information and caving stuff...

    The national governing body for caving. Info on qualifications, insurance and most things cave related
    Our regional caving council. Info on access and more
    The links above have been created by the BCA to provide cavers with information and guidance
    Find a caving instructor
    A great site packed full of great info on all things that live in and around caves
    A great resource showing caves, locations, descriptions and photos
    Tell them your a member to receive great discounts!
    Info and resources for cavers, especially those new to the sport