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Gagendor Social Meet November 2015 - The Yorkshire Dales

Saturday Report by Simon Neenan
Simon rigging in Notts Pot (Dan Thorne)

Sat 21st -Gapping Gill, Wades and Dihedral

Luke Rigging in Wades / Flood Route - Gapping Ghyll (Andy Lewington)

Following a dry but chilly walk up to the flanks of Ingleborough, we split up and each descended our chosen routes. Andy, Luke and I located the entrance to Wades, Myself and Luck having not done it before and Andy not for a while. I took on the challenge of rigging with Luke following and Andy following on ever ready with the camera. Following a short entrance passage we arrived at the head of the tight first pitch an interesting short decent with a re-belay on a very convenient ledge. We then made our way along the awkward sized crawl, too small to walk stooped but very roomy and quite long to progress on all fours. We ended up doing a bit of both down to the cascades and onto the fantastic final pitch. A great traverse line around the main lower shaft to Y hang in the roof, one more re belay and a deviation and we were down where Dan, Lisa and Tom were waiting for us having descended Dihedral. Following a bit of refuelling myself Luke and Andy then made our way to the main chamber, a truly amazing and awe inspiring place. Andy made his way back to the others leaving Luke and I to ascend the 2 huge and wet pitches of Dihedral. An hour or so later we emerged into a near freezing dusk, very drained and socked to the skin. That is most definitely one for the bucket list. We then made a hasty decent back down to Clapham before we froze solid where the car heaters and the pub were waiting.

Tom and Lisa somewhere in the main shaft on Dihedral Route (Dan Thorne)
Saturday Report by Emyr Rees
Em contemplating his actions on the first pitch of Notts Pot (Dan Thorne)
Gaping Gill

Will and I went into Gaping Gill via the Bar Pot, but after hearing that this has a tight section we decided to enter via Small Mammal Entrance.  The first section is was straight forward and we easily got to the bottom of the first pitch. We then followed a short rift until we came to a bedding plane. Through here was a small crawl which lead to an open on the right and a collapsed hole on the left. As we were lacking a description or survey we went right, after an hour we decided we were lost and went back to the bedding plane. Once here we heard some voices which lead us around the collapse on the left and back onto the original route. At the bottom of Bar Pitch we found a greasy slab which we slipped down into a bid chamber. At the bottom of the chamber was again another 50% 50% shot of left or right. Again deciding to go right and after an awkward crawl we came to the main shaft of Bar Pot. Note to all, if you go this route in future always go left. We descended the pitch and we landed in the passage just left of Flood Exit. We met with our exchange partners who exited the cave as we went to look at the main chamber of Gaping Gill. A speedy yet easy crawl along South East Passage, then South Passage, and avoiding the water at the path split lead us to the Main Shaft. We then retraced our steps back to Flood Exit where we ascended the pitch to exit the cave. The first ascent was long but not too bad, an easy derig. The exit was going great until the last/first pitch which was in a narrow rift which without a Pantin was an effort. Once you have ascended the pitch you have to be reborn as you squeeze through the top slot to eventually get out.

Andy coming out into the chill from Small Mammal Pot (Dan Thorne)

Entering via Small Mammal and after getting a little lost, we eventually made it to the Main Shaft. A quick retracing of steps and an exchange lead us to the bottom of Flood Entrance. The exit was swift and easy apart from the last pitch which once ascended requires you to be reborn before you can step foot back outside. A great cave, with a long walk in which is worth every step.           

Lisa on the main pitch of Bar Pot (Andy Lewington)
Sunday Report by Simon Neenan

Sun 22nd - Nott’s pot, Centre and left hand route

The team preps for all of the routes in Notts Pot (Dan Thorne - cant be, he is in the picture!)
Em rigged the first two pitches into the main chamber where we split up. Dan and I descended Centre route, a new one to the both of us. Following a slight misunderstanding regarding the rope length, resulting in a mid-rope changeover,  Dan rigged the first pitch, a great pitch with a natural spike deviation. I then rigged the second large pitch down to the stream way. A large pitch with a nice mix of rigging and interesting rope work options. Follow and bit of exploring in the stream way to check out the head of the final few pitches which we had heard were very good, we were joined by the others in person, as we had been listening to them for quite some time and were slightly confused as to their location as a result of the series of parallel shafts. We then mixed it up a bit and I ascended Left hand route with Tom, feeling quite tired from my previous days ascent on Dihedral. We all met at the surface just in time for a stunning sunset view over Leck fell. Another great day in a fantastic crossover system with a variety of routes in close proximity to each other.
Dan in the Zone...maybe the twilight Zone! (Simon Neenan)
Sunday Report by Emyr Rees
Notts Pot

A maze of cave with loads of place to put rope, I did Left Hand Route and came out of Twilight Zone. The entrance was easy with a small crawl to get in after the first pitch and an awkward climb but nothing to get hung up on. Although there was some tricky rigging the entrance in was simple to navigate. After meeting at the bottom we ascended to get out. Again Twilight Zone had some groovy moves which lead to an awkward derig, I did not envy Dan at all. Some very nice walks through rifts and a questionable walk in, great fun and something for everyone.

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Final Thoughts - Tom Partridge
A snowy scene on Ingleborough as the team approaches Gapping Ghyll (Dan Thorne)
Another great weekend of caving, fun, socialising and the caving club hut 'experience' that we all love about these weekends away!
Great to see new members and old getting together for a team effort on some of Yorkshires classic systems!
Thanks to Dan and Lisa for brining the gear and then cleaning it all afterwards (and Andy!), and thanks to Em, Si, Dan and Andy who put together some words and pictures for us all to enjoy!
OAP's, Astronauts and Cavers gather to enjoy the sunset on Leck Fell (Dan Thorne)